How to take care of blonde hair How to take care of blonde hair

How to take care of blonde hair

To keep your blonde hair healthy, strong and maintain the right shade of blonde can be a struggle, especially if you have bleached hair. We have put together some tips to help all of our lovely blondes out there:

  • Add Protein
    Bleached hair has a huge need of protein as the hair loses its natural strength during the bleach process. To re-strengthen the hair, you therefor need to treat your hair with protein. So, if your hair feels constantly frizzy and dry, even though you give it moisture, then it is probably in need of more protein. Our Structure Repair Series contains algae protein which has a repairing effect to the hair. Finish off with the Structure Repair Leave-In Cream to really fight the frizz and make sure the hair’s cuticles are kept closed!
  • Always, always, always use conditioner
    You know those times when you are in a hurry and decide to skip the conditioner, and then your hair feels all dry and frizzy? That is because you have skipped out on closing the hairs cuticles, which results in a more fragile hair that has trouble to lock in moisture and colour. The conditioners job is to nourish your hair and to finish off the cleansing process by closing the hairs cuticles again.
  • Keeping the shade
    Why is it so hard to maintain that bright, cool blonde? Bleached hair is sensitive to external factors, and your blonde shade is easily affected. To fight the yellow tones we recommend our Sheer Silver line. The Sheer Silver line contains violet pigments that will help colour correct and maintain the shade you want on a daily basis. For an extra nourishing and colour correcting treatment we recommend to periodically use our Colour Refresh Pearl Silver or Cool Cream.
  • Careful with the heat
    Using heat tools causes a lot of damage, especially on bleached hair. The keratin in the hair can easily get burnt and leave a yellow tone. This doesn’t mean that you never can use heat tools if you have bleached hair, but that you should be extra careful about how to take care of your hair in relation to using them. So, let this be your reminder to not forget the heat protection and use low heat! We have two heat protectors available: Cream Heat Spray and Quick Dry Heat Spray.
  • Colour preserving products
    Whether you are blonde or not, maintaining a hair colour is something many people struggle with. Therefor all our wet-line products includes a protector called a Colour Guard Complex. The Colour Guard Complex does not only preserve the colour, it also protects the hair against UV. So, if you want to keep that luxurious tone (you probably paid a lot for in the salon) do your part! Make sure to use the right products, don’t overwash your hair and make sure to give your hair the moisture it needs.