Sheer Silver

Maria Nila Sheer Silver contains violet pigments and blackberry extract that neutralize brazzy tones and add shine and strength to the hair. The hair care collection includes silver shampoo, silver conditioner and a silver hair mask. Unlike many other silver products, our products are nourishing and do not dry out your hair. Like all our haircare products, they are vegan and with climate-compensated packaging.
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Maria Nila Sheer Silver

Maria Nila Sheer Silver contains violet pigments and blackberry extract, which neutralize golden hues and add strength and shine to hair. The collection contains a shampoo and conditioner suitable for daily use and a hair mask, which is recommended for use 1-2 times a week. Compared to other silver products, this collection is nourishing enough to be used daily. It also has a fresh scent of orange and grapefruit, with floral notes of jasmine, violet, and gardenia.

Products in Maria Nila's Sheer Silver collection

In Maria Nila's Sheer Silver collection, you will find silver shampoo and silver conditioner in different sizes. The smallest bottle of 100 ml comes in a small and handy travel size, making it ideal for trips. The medium size contains 350 ml, and the largest size contains 1000 ml. The largest size lasts a long time and is perfect for anyone who knows that the collection is suitable for their hair type. The silver mask in the collection is a gentle and moisturizing hair mask with violet pigment for blonde hair. Blackberry extract gives luster and shine, allowing light to be reflected in the hair, and accentuates cool hues from the violet pigments.

Ingredients in Maria Nila's Sheer Silver collection

In Maria Nila's collection you'll only find animal-friendly and vegan hair care, because the products are made based on a love for animals. So they do not contain any animal ingredients, nor are they tested on animals. The ingredients generating golden hues in Maria Nila's Sheer Silver collection are blackberry extract, a violet pigment, protective antioxidants, vegetable protein, and sunflower seed oil. Blackberry extract adds shine by removing the soap layer that builds upon the hair. This extract also improves the hair's natural strands. The Sheer Silver collection is also designed with violet pigmentation that eliminates golden shades in blonde hair and gives the hair a more fabulous shade. Protective antioxidants protect the hair from damage and preserve the hair color. The antioxidants absorb UV radiation and thus protect the hair from damage caused by sunlight. Vegetable protein from potatoes increases strength, repairs, and has a conditioning effect on the hair. Sunflower seed oil creates a protective barrier on the hair's surface, which gives the hair luster and shine. The oil is rich in vitamin E, which improves the softening effect by locking moisture in the hair.

Tips for those who use Maria Nila Sheer Silver

We at Maria Nila recommend that those who want a cool hue in their hair use products that add shine. This means that light is reflected, and the cool shades are highlighted even more. In the Sheer Silver collection, blackberry extract is used to add as much shine as possible to the hair. If you want an even more excellent shade, we recommend using the Pearl Silver color bomb.

Other hair care collections from Maria Nila

Maria Nila has a hair care collection for every hair type, so you're guaranteed to find a collection that suits you. Maria Nila Luminous Color is based on pomegranate extract and Color Guard Complex, which protect the hair and reduce color loss associated with washing, heat styling, UV rays, and free radicals. Maria Nila Structure Repair uses reinforcing ingredients from the bottom of the sea in the form of algae, which soften and repair damaged and tired hair. Maria Nila True Soft is based on argan oil, which moisturizes and revives dry and brittle hair, and reduces frizz and static electricity. The True Soft collection is suitable for naturally dry hair, unlike the Structure Repair collection, which is customized for damaged and chemically treated hair. Head & Hair Heal treats and prevents dandruff and other scalp problems while also reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Maria Nila Pure Volume contains Provitamin B5 and is specially created for those who want extra volume and strength in their hair.