Hair Oil with Argan Oil

Maria Nila's hair oil, True Soft Argan Oil, is a nourishing argan oil from the True Soft collection, that softens, moisturizes and strengthens the hair. The argan oil is easily absorbed and makes the hair smooth, shiny and reduces frizz. Like all other hair care products in the collection, it is 100% vegan. You will also find Maria Nila's hair oil in travel-size packs.
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Maria Nila hair oil with argan oil

Hair oil is a product that has increased in popularity in recent years. Hair oil is based on nourishing oils for the hair and is used in order to strengthen the hair, give the hair shine, reduce frizz and make it easier to straighten. Hair oil is the last step in your hair care routine and a product you can use daily for dry and frizzy hair. Maria Nila bases its hair oil on argan oil, which has many favorable properties for the hair. That is why the nourishing argan oil has become a commonly used ingredient in hair oils. Maria Nila cares about animals and the environment, which is why you can always rely on hair oils to be 100% vegan as well as Swedish-made in climate-compensated packaging. As with the entire Maria Nila range, you can also rely on our products containing no sulfates or parabens, produced with quality.

Use hair oil as follows:

  • If you don't have dry hair, it is sufficient to apply it to the ends
  • Do not use it on the scalp. Start a bit further down and then pull towards the ends
  • Less is more! Be careful with the amount. A little oil goes a long way
  • Apply to towel-dried or dry hair by squeezing the oil to apply or gently pulling through the hair
  • For extra nurturing treatment - sleep with a larger amount of hair oil in your hair overnight. Don't forget to wash it out in the morning
  • For an extra silky smooth result, mix the argan oil with leave-in conditioner and apply it to both wet and dry hair.

Discover Maria Nila Argan oil - Hair oil with argan oil

Maria Nila Argan hair oil has many beneficial properties for the hair. Argan oil, which the hair oil is based on, contains linoleic acid and oleic acid, which lock moisture into the hair and help the hair retain its moisture. With vitamins, fatty acids, and valuable nutrients, the hair is strengthened and moisturized. Argan oil comes to the rescue when your hair is frizzy, static, or dull and boring without shine. The oil is quick-absorbing and therefore very easy to use. The oil can be quickly worked into your hair without it sticking to your hands and making a mess or looking greasy if you go out directly after. The oils in the hair oil give the product that little extra. Other oils found in Maria Nila argan oil are Abyssinian oil and rapeseed oil. Abyssinian oil has a unique composition of fatty acids, which make the hair silky smooth and easy to comb, and rapeseed oil contains a compound of omega 3-6-9, which strengthens the hair. True Soft Argan Hair Oil is included in the True Soft collection, with hair care based on argan oil. The collection also includes shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. For a silky smooth result, combine all the hair care products from True Soft.

Best in test hair oil – Best hair oil for dry hair

Maria Nila's argan oil has taken the top spot in several independent best in test trials. Reasons for the top spot included:
  • The hair does not feel sticky but becomes fine and shiny
  • The hair is easy to style
  • The hair oil is Swedish-made
  • It's easy to get rid of frizz
  • Reasonable price
  • Protects against UV radiation
  • A hair oil that is color preserving
  • Claims that the oil won over even their most skeptical tester