Silver Shampoo

Maria Nila's silver shampoo is a shampoo from our Sheer Silver collection. The silver shampoo with violet pigments and blackberry extract neutralize brassy tones while adding shine and strengthening the hair. Like all our hair care products, the silver shampoo is vegan with climate-compensated packaging. Use with a silver conditioner from the same hair care collection, or mix and match the collections.
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Maria Nila Silver shampoo

Maria Nila's silver shampoo, sheer silver, is a shampoo that contains violet pigment and blackberry extract, which counteracts golden nuances, provides a glow, and strengthens the hair structure. The silver shampoo also contains Color Guard Complex, which helps protect the hair color while reducing color loss during washing and heat styling. In addition, Maria Nila's silver shampoo protects against UV rays and free radicals. As with all the other hair care in Maria Nila's range, the silver shampoo contains no sulfates and parabens, which is gentle on your hair. Silver shampoo is essential to use on blonde hair to avoid the yellow shades that often occur. However, silver shampoo is not only suitable for use on blonde hair, as it works just as well to get rid of warm nuances, even in other hair colors.

How to apply your silver shampoo

A silver shampoo can be used between one to three times a week, and you will usually notice yourself when it's time to apply the product. The number of uses will, of course, also depend on what result you want. The more often you use the silver shampoo, the longer it lasts and the more intense the result. When you use silver shampoo, use it instead of your regular shampoo. Use a silver conditioner for optimal results. You should use moisturizing products with your silver shampoo for an extra silky-smooth result, as the silver shampoo can dry out the hair when used frequently. For example, this could be a hair mask that you apply between the shampoo and conditioner, leave-in conditioner, or hair oil after washing. As silver shampoo contains pigment, it may also be a good idea to use gloves when applying it. Also, remember that the silver shampoo shouldn't be left to work for too long in the hair, as it can dry it out. If you haven't used a silver shampoo before, you should apply the product to your hair for a short while first to see how your hair reacts.

Best silver shampoo

Maria Nila's silver shampoo has been named the best silver shampoo in several tests. There is currently a large selection of silver shampoos on the market, and it's important that you pay careful attention to which brand you buy as some are dehydrating due to their in-depth cleansing properties. Some silver shampoos also have extreme pigmentation, which means there is a risk that the hair will have a grey-blue tone instead of the nice cold shade of your existing hair color. Instead, choose a good silver shampoo that contains beneficial ingredients and looks after your hair. Maria Nila's silver shampoo is very gentle on your hair, and we're almost certain that you will not be disappointed if you use it.

Silver shampoo for brown hair

Silver shampoo is suitable for blonde hair, but it can also be used for brown hair and other dark hair colors. There are often underlying red pigments in brown hair, which can be neutralized with the help of silver shampoo, as the blue-purple shades reduce the warm nuances. It's important to remember that the silver shampoo doesn't fade the hair. It just removes unwanted yellow tones. That's why it works just as well with dark hair. If you have treated your hair, either faded or colored, the result will be more intense.