Silver Conditioner

Silver products for the hair give natural or dyed blond, white or grey hair a cooler shade and remove brassy tones. Maria Nila’s Sheer Silver collection contains violet pigments and blackberry extract that eliminate yellow tones and create cooler tones. Use with a silver shampoo from the same hair care collection, or mix and match the collections.
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Vegan silver conditioner for cooler tones to your hair

Silver products for the hair are developed to give blond, white or grey hair a cooler tone and remove golden tones that easily turn yellow. Maria Nila’s own Sheer Silver collection contains violet pigments which are especially good for eliminating yellow tones and creating cooler tones. Our silver conditioner has several excellent properties as it both moisturizes and strengthens the hair’s natural structure. Violet pigments and blackberry extracts neutralize the golden tones, add shine and strengthen the hair. Combine with a silver shampoo or a hair mask for dry hairfrom the same collection for extra glossy and silky smooth hair. Many silver products dry out the hair but our products are moisturizing and gentle which gives smooth, glossy hair. They are also vegan and animal-friendly.

Best silver conditioner in independent surveys

A good silver conditioner is designed to help neutralize warm tones and emphasize the cold tones in colored blond or white hair. Maria Nila has won ‘best in test’ several times for best silver conditioner. The properties that test panels usually emphasize are that Maria Nila's silver conditioner makes the hair easy to comb and straighten, and that it also protects against UV radiation and free radicals. The hair becomes naturally soft and flexible which can be difficult to achieve with colored hair.
Other reviews also mention its caring and softening properties that give a unique shine and strength to the hair. Other good reviews include that our products are vegan and made in Sweden.

Combine the silver conditioner with these products

You can combine Maria Nila’s silver conditioner with the other products in our Sheer Silver collection for a soft and shiny result. In addition to shampoo and hair mask, we also offer Silver Shot, a perfect hair mask to bring with you when you travel as it comes in a 60 ml bottle. Silver Shot cares for and preserves freshly dyed hair but can also be used as a toner when you leave it on for 3-10 minutes depending on the desired result. We also have shampoo and conditioner from other collections which are ideal for blond hair that often feels a little drier. Our Structure Repair collection contains a repair shampoo and repair conditioner especially suitable for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. The products contain algae which softens and repairs damaged hair. Other hair products that work well with our silver conditioner are leave-in conditioner which provides moisture and nourishment while acting as heat protection. Structure Repair Leave In Cream is left in the hair and moisturizes while repairing split ends. When you combine a leave-in conditioner with our hair oil, you get a silky smooth and shiny result because the hair oil also helps moisturize and strengthen your hair. This hair oil is part of our True Soft collection with argan oil and helps revive dry and brittle hair. Combine our silver conditioner with a hair mask from this collection to moisturize and strengthen your hair.