How to get rid of yellow and orange tones in your hair How to get rid of yellow and orange tones in your hair

How to get rid of yellow and orange tones in your hair

A light blonde hair with cold tones is something many people dream of, but after bleaching it is common for the hair to get a brassier shade than you imagined. We have looked into why this occurs and what you can do to get rid of yellow and orange tones in the hair. Read more about how you can get your cold blonde hair back and protect it from turning yellow or orange!

Our experts also share 4 tips on how you can get cooler tones back in your hair:

  1. Bleach your hair with the help of a professional hairdresser 
  2. Use a toning to counteract the brassy tones
  3. Try products made for home use, like a silver shampoosilver conditioner and a silver mask
  4. Protect your hair from UV radiation 

What causes yellow and orange hair after bleaching

Experiencing unwanted yellow tones in the hair after bleaching is a common problem that many can recognize. Instead of the cooler tone you wanted you end up with a warmer brassy result, especially after bleaching. This is something that is both common and in fact completely normal as our hair contains warm tones. When bleached, the natural hair color is removed, and these warm undertones become more visible. But even after a bleach that has first created a cooler result, the hair will gradually get a warmer, yellow tone. This can be due both to the fact that no hair color lasts forever, but also due to the oxidation that occurs when hair is exposed to sunlight in combination with oxygen.

Why you get orange tones in blonde hair

Getting an orange result or seeing orange tones in the hair is also common after bleaching. Often this is the result of your hair color being darker before bleaching, making the underlying pigments in the hair to also have a deeper color. To get dark hair to a lighter color, the bleach needs to lift even more pigment than in lighter hair. This process also means that when bleaching dark hair, you can see that the hair goes through more orange stages. Orange tones can also occur in lighter hair if you have been in salt water or pools with chlorine.

Get rid of brassy tones in the hair in 4 different ways

There are several ways to get rid of yellow and orange shades in the hair, both that you can do at home or with the help of a hairdresser. It is important to remember that bleaching makes the hair more sensitive and that it is good to be careful about how you correct the color. To help you with this, we have listed various tips and tricks to get new cool tones in your hair.

Bleach to lift more pigment from your hair

One way to give your hair a cooler blonde shade is to do a bleach service. Bleaching can lift more pigment from the hair and give it a lighter result, but also has a big impact on the hair quality. Bleaching the hair too much makes it brittle and the hair may even break due to the harsh treatments. If you choose to bleach your hair again, it is a good idea to get the help of a hairdresser who has the knowledge on how to do this in the gentlest way possible.

Toning to balance out the warm tones

You can also use toners to correct the color and balance out the warm tones. By looking at color theory and choosing the opposite color of your hair in the color wheel, such as purple or blue shades, you can neutralize the yellow and orange. This method gives the impression of cooler tones without affecting the pigments in a permanent way. Since it can be complicated to find a color that precisely balances out the brassy tones in your hair, it is a good idea to get professional advice from a hairdresser.

Products for home use that keeps the yellow away

An easier way to fix yellow and orange tones is to use products made for home use. This type of product often contains purple or blue pigments to neutralize brassy tones. With the help of silver shampoo together with silver conditioner and masks that are created to bring out cooler shades, you can see results directly but also build this over time. These types of products are also perfect for maintaining your bleached hair.

Protect your hair from UV radiation

Brassy tones can be the result of oxidation – when the hair is exposed to oxygen and sun in combination. Just like with our skin, sunlight affects our hair and can dry it out and make the hair color appear duller. One way to prevent yellow and orange tones is to wear a hat that protects your hair or use products with UV protection.

Products that gets rid of yellow and orange hair

For you to be able to fix and get rid of yellow and orange tones in your hair at home, Maria Nila has developed the 100% vegan Sheer Silver series. Sheer Silver contains violet pigments and natural blackberry extract that neutralize brassy tones in both colored and naturally blonde hair. The products are moisturizing and strengthening to enhance your hair color and contain UV protection. This series has a fruity and floral scent of jasmine, orange and grapefruit for a refreshing feeling!

Silver shampoo

Maria Nila’s silver shampoo Sheer Silver Shampoo moisturizes your hair while neutralizing brassy tones.

Silver Conditioner

Sheer Silver Conditioner is a detangling silver conditioner that softens and strengthens your hair and keeps it free from orange or yellow tones.

Silver mask

Maria Nila’s silver mask Sheer Silver Masque is an effective treatment that moisturizes and nourishes your hair to get a silky-smooth result.

Silver shot

Silver Shot is a quick and easy lifesaver when you want to treat and boost your newly bleached hair with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. The practical silver shot is also perfect to bring with you when you are traveling to refresh your hair color.

Color bomb

Color Refresh Pearl Silver is a hair mask with non-permanent color pigments that neutralizes brassy tones and brings out cool silver nuances. A real color bomb with argan oil that moisturizes and reduces frizz.