Kate Bartlett’s Guide to New York Kate Bartlett’s Guide to New York

Kate Bartlett’s Guide to New York

Where to Get Coffee

Where to Get Coffee: Intelligentista


New York City certainly has no shortage of coffee shops, but Ingelligentista is easily one of my favorite hidden gems. Located in Chelsea outside of the High Line Hotel, this coffee joint in located inside a cherry-red double-decker bus and has all outdoor seating - the perfect spot for a study sesh on a sunny day or a cute coffee date spot.

After grabbing a latte- head on over to the High-Line for a nice stroll and to check out some of the art along the way - it’s free!

TIPS! There is actually seating on top of the bus - take the small stairway to the right of the counter and snag one of the tables uptop for a birds-eye view and great people-watching!

High Line Hotel 180 10th Ave at W 20th St New York

Where to Shop

Where to Shop: Showfields


Part store, part coffee shop, part museum, part playground? It’s hard to call Showfields just one thing...but that’s part of the reason why I love it so much. Showcasing a variety of new and emerging small brands ranging from clothing to beauty to home decor to vintage, there is truly something for everyone here.

Take the incredibly aesthetic elevators up to the top floor and start your browsing there. Don’t bother taking the stairs on your way down...Hidden behind the bookcase in the back room there is a slide you can take down to the next level!

TIPS! Stop by the coffee shop on the bottom level for a designer-themed latte before you go! Situated on Bond Street in the heart of Soho, this one is a can’t miss. Oh, and there’s a Levain cookie shop next door.

11 Bond St New York NY 10012

Where to Have Lunch

Where to Have Lunch: Ruby's


Situated on arguably one of the trendiest streets in Soho, Ruby’s is THE go-to lunch/brunch joint of lower Manhattan. An Australian cafe, some highlights on the menu are their iconic Avocado toast, Bondi Burger, and a salad selection that can please even the pickiest. Located across from uber-popular Aime Leon Dore, Ruby’s outdoor seating is prime for people-watching in the trendiest neighborhood in New York. Oh, and it’s also a favorite spot of Bella Hadid...Need I say more?

TIPS! Try hitting up Ruby’s at an off-peak hour or during a weekday for no wait, on the weekends this place is packed! But for good reason!

Ruby’s Cafe in Soho 219 Mulberry St A New York NY 10012

Where to Have Fun

Where to Have Fun: High Line

High Line

Need a little breather from the hustle and bustle of Chelsea? Then head on over to the High Line. Stretching 1.45 miles on the west side of Manhattan, the High Line is an elevated park created on a former New York Central

Check out some of the world-class art along your stroll and maybe even grab a popsicle while you’re at it! Plus there are even some lookout points along the way.

Not only is it cute, but the High Line is actually an incredibly convenient way to shave off some commute time when heading up or downtown!

Entrances - Gansevoort Street and Washington Street
14th Street
16th Street (elevator access)

Where to Stay

Where to Stay: Public Hotel

Public Hotel

Public Hotel basically has it all.

Cozy rooms at reasonable rates? Check. A nightclub to dance the night away? Check. Oh, and the most picture perfect escalator you’ve ever seen? Yeah, they’ve even got that too!

Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, Public is only a stones throw away from the most young and hip shopping and restaurants the city has to offer. Spend your day shopping in Soho before heading back to LES to bar hop!

Start your night out by grabbing a drink at Public roof for fun lounge vibes, then when you are really ready to get the night going, head to the club in the basement to dance! But don’t forget to stop inside the lobby to grab pictures in front of the escalators first!

Where to Find Inspiration

Where to Find Inspiration: Iconic Magazines

Iconic Magazines

I never thought I would be recommending a magazine shop for entertainment but Iconic magazines could keep me entertained for hours. Located in Soho on Mulberry street, I’m convinced that every magazine that has ever hit the printers is in stock here.

Browse their selection of every country’s issues of Vogue, Elle, Paper, Interview, you name it - and pick up a couple of extras as fun souvenirs for friends or even to decorate a coffee table!

188 Mulberry St New York NY 10012